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Clay Art Center Artist-in-Residence and Fellowship Programs

Residencies and Fellowships are one year long and commence in September. These opportunities are uniquely designed for emerging artists who need time and space to develop their voices. Residents and Fellows gain invaluable experience teaching classes and contribute their technical knowledge and expertise by managing many jobs at the studio. CAC provides a supportive ceramic community, while appreciating the need for privacy and independent work.

CAC artists share technical information as well as routine studio chores, and any CAC resident will benefit from this co-operative experience. We offer adult and children's classes in wheel throwing, hand-building, and sculpture, and there are always excellent opportunities for teaching.

What our Artist-in-Residence Offers:

  • One year residency commencing each September
  • Private 10' x 10' studio space
  • Free Firing
  • $200 monthly stipend for materials
  • Paid Teaching opportunities
  • Exhibition in gallery at end of residency


  • One year commitment
  • Pug student clay
  • Bisque Fire all student work
  • Find own living space
  • Hours of job vary , approx 10 - 15 hours per week.

What the Rittenberg Fellowship Offers:

  • One year Fellowship commencing each September
  • Private 10’ x 10’ studio space
  • Free firing
  • $500 monthly stipend
  • Teaching opportunities on same pay scale at CAC teachers
  • Solo or Duo Exhibition in Gallery


  • One year commitment
  • Represent CAC at public events
  • Find own living space

Applications are due by April 15 of each year. Click on the links below for details on how to apply.

Email completed applications to

The selection process is based upon the strength of your application. Spaces in the program are made available as current residents reach their term limit or leave the program. The number of spots available is not known until the time of application review. All applicants will be notified by May 15th. Selected artists must accept or decline residency by June 1st. The residency will begin on September 1st.
Ron Geibel has been chosen as the 2012-13 Barbara Rittenberg Memorial Fellow. The fellowship is supported by the Barbara Rittenberg Memorial Fund. Ron will be actively engaged in our community of artists and in developing his work for an exhibition. He will represent CAC at public events and contribute technical knowledge and expertise to enrich our students and community of artists.
KELSEY DUNCAN: An integral part of our community and teaching staff since 2012, Kelsey received his BFA from the University of Montana.
LINDSAY SCYPTA: Joining us from Columbus, OH, Lindsay completed a BFA in Art & Design from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and completed her MFA at the Ohio State University.
Barbara Rittenberg Memorial Fellowship and the Westchester Community Foundation's Emily & Harold E. Valentine and Evelyn Gable Clark Scholarship Fund Young Artist Residency

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