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January 12 - February 23, 2013

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Clay Art Center is pleased to present DUETS, a national invitational exhibition featuring functional pairings by 90 artists. The exhibit, curated by Leigh Taylor Mickelson, will run from January 12 – February 23, 2013 with an opening reception on Saturday, January 12, from 6-8pm.  

Admission is free.  The Shop at CAC will feature handmade works by CAC Artists, as well as invited guest artists.


Additionally two workshops will be presented in conjunction with this exhibition.  Virginia artist Novie Trump will be coming to Clay Art Center to present a two-day hands-on workshop entitled “The Art of the Reliquary,  Saturday - Sunday, January 12-13.  And David MacDonald will join us for the closing weekend February 23-24, presenting  a 2-day hands on workshop entitled “The Potential of Pattern” and an image lecture on Friday, February 22 at 7pm.   For more information, 


For the past six years, Clay Art Center has hosted theme-based national invitational exhibitions with great success.  Its first was in 2007 with Cups Coming Together: Clay Art Center Celebrates 50 Years, featuring 160 cups by 160 artists. Since then, we’ve organized themed exhibits of pouring pots, lidded containers, Shino works,  plates and platters and last year, Figure It Out,  featuring pots inspired by the human figure. This year we will host DUETS,  featuring functional “pairings.”


What is DUETS about?    While we left some room for interpretation by the artists, we did give them some guidelines.  We told them that a pairing could be two pots that “belong” together.  Obvious translations of this include salt & peppers or cream & sugars, etc, but we are excited to see how artists will bring forth other functional pairings where one pot relies on the other to be “complete.”   We also suggested that the pairing could be a collaborative piece made by two artists.  In this case the “duet” would be the two artists coming together to make one piece.  And finally, we suggested that the entry could be a single pot that is about “two” – via surface decoration or through some other capacity.  


Each year, the themed national invitational showcases the breadth and depth of what is happening in the realm of functional and decorative ceramics.  DUETS will certainly do the same, combining familiar forms and artistic voices along with the results of those who branched out a bit in order to participate in this themed exhibit. 


The participating artists range from emerging to established in their careers and include:    Sally Aldrich, Jennifer Allen, Christa Assad & Jessica Hess, Kirsten Bassion, Ingrid Bathe, Parviz Batliwala, Hayne Bayless, Dalia Berman, Douglas Breitbart, Julie Buyon, Jeanne Carreau, Jennifer Cherpock, Linda Christianson, Sam Chung, Naomi Cleary, Nan Coffin, Jane Cohen, Paula Cook, Andrew  Coombs, Angela Cunningham, Chandra DeBuse, Kelsey Duncan, Sanam Emami, Brooke Evans, Jana Evans, Angela Fina, Karen Ford, Julia Galloway, Ryan Greenheck, Robin Henschel, Marlene Jack, Natalie Kase, Reena Kashyap, Kristen Kieffer, Michael Kline, Sarah Koster, Steve Lee & Jeff Campana , Suze Lindsay, Janet Lipow, Matt Long, David MacDonald, Ruchika Madan, Loren Maron, Karen Theusen Massaro & Julie Ostergaard, Kate Maury, Deborah Mawhinney, Jon McMillan, Alleghany Meadows, Leigh Mickelson, Bob Miranti, Doris Montagna, Rimmie Mosley, Courtney Murphy, Sally Ng, Jeff Oestreich, Mari Ogihara, Lisa Orr, Kelly O'Sullivan, Neil Patterson, Kristin Pavelka, Doug Peltzman, Sandi Pierantozzi, Joseph Pintz & Kristen Martincic, Ariel Plantz, Thaddeus Powers, Brenda Quinn, Kari Radasch, Elizabeth Robinson, Harriet Ross, Lily Schor, Emily Schroeder Willis, Jeffrey Schwarz, Laurie Shaman, Roberta Shapiro, Jane Shellenbarger, Hal Silverman, Kevin Snipes, Shawn Spangler, Kristina  Stafford, Stacey Stanhope, Josh Stover, Mike Stumbras, Florence Suerig, Georgia Tenore, Sue Tirrell, Kyla Toomey, Novie Trump, Sheryl Zacharia  and Lilly Zuckerman


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