Touching Lives Through Clay

Art transforms lives. Clay – with its extremely receptive, expressive and therapeutic qualities – is the vehicle we use to provide access to the arts. We created our Community Arts Outreach Program to put clay into the hands of those who need it most, and would not otherwise have access to the arts.

Outreach Programs

Students of all ages benefit from scholarships, intergenerational workshops, after school programs, internships and the chance to creatively express their inner world.

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Clay As Therapy

Therapeutic clay experiences for the developmentally disabled, those living with cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism and mental illness.

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Public Art Projects

Projects that beautify unused spaces and involve community members in creating art.

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Community Arts Programs are made possible in part by:

Thanks to the support of our donors, our programs reach out to our community’s most vulnerable youth, teens, seniors, and those with special needs, and help them come together to learn, to create  and to leave their stories behind for the next generation.