Symposium: Future Now- Student Price

Symposium: Future Now- Student Price


Sat, Sept 23
2:30PM - 5PM
$15 for students with valid ID- Must present at check in

The ceramic medium has always involved technology. For ease of production all the way to specialized mark making, the art and craft of clay uses specialized tools and machinery for its creation. The potter’s wheel is a piece of technology, emerging from hand-powered banding wheels to foot-powered treadles to the now widely used electric wheel – an advancement for the medium with spectacular aesthetics. Naturally, humans are both curious and advantageous to develop technology - the realm of the digital is a natural step in this evolution.

In this new frontier of the digi-modern era we find artists who use laptops right next to their potter’s wheels, computer culture is neck-in-neck with critical craft discussions, and the digital world is expanding into age-old institutions like art museums. Concurrent to the exhibition REINVENTED, Clay Art Center brings a symposium that will focus on the emerging technologies within ceramics and how artists, museums, and industry alike are inventing new ways to push the envelope. In 21st century culture what are the advantages and disadvantages to using digital fabrication methods? How are artists hacking this technology to fit their needs? Associate Professor of SUNY New Paltz, Bryan Czibesz, leads a panel of innovators and forerunners of the digital age.

Bryan Czibesz is an artist grounded in the tradition of object making who asks questions of authorship and authenticity through varying degrees of engagement and dislocation between the hand and material manipulation. Originally from Ohio, Bryan earned his MFA from San Diego State University and BA from Humboldt State University. He is currently Assistant Professor of Art in Ceramics at SUNY New Paltz.

Martin Bechthold - Professor of Architectural Technology, Harvard University
Martin Bechthold is Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and Associate Faculty at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Bechthold directs the GSD’s Doctor of Design program, is co-director of the Master in Design Engineering Program, and is the founding director of the school’s Material Processes and Systems Group (MaPS). MaPS has positioned material innovation at the center of its investigations, with a group of faculty, researchers and students investigating a broad range of topics from design robotics and ceramics to adaptive materials (Adaptive Living Environments or ALivE project).  His design research on ceramics has been exhibited annually at the Valencia-based CEVISAMA since 2012.

Marco Castro Cosio – Research Fellow, Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Columbia University School of Journalism

Marco Castro Cosio graduated from the Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) program at the Tisch School for the Arts at New York University and has worked as curator of exhibitions and art festivals in New York and Mexico. He was MediaLab director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he helped the museum to imagine art and its audiences in innovative perspectives. It created a network of brilliant and creative professionals dedicated to the vanguard in these subjects that propose visions for the futures of the culture. As an artist, his work nourishes urban communities in practical and playful ways, such as his project, Bus Roots, which seeks to equip the roofs of urban buses with lush gardens. 


Aaron Knochel, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Art Education, Penn State

Dr. Aaron D. Knochel completed his doctorate in Art Education at the Ohio State University in 2011 focused on critical media literacy, software studies and art education. He has worked in a variety of visual arts learning spaces including schools, museums, and community arts programs both domestically and internationally. Dr. Knochel has presented his research at a range of national and international conferences including the National Art Education Association National Convention, SIGGRAPH, and at the International Society for Education through Art World Congress in Budapest, Hungary and Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Knochel is currently an Embedded Researcher in the Art & Design Research Incubator in the College of Arts & Architecture. From community-based media production to engaging digital visual culture in the K-12 art classroom, his interests follow the complexities of civic engagement both through the arts and through network connectivity. 

Elizabeth New – Production Ceramicist, SHAPEWAYS

Elizabeth New is an artist and designer who is currently a Production Ceramicist for Shapeways, a 3D printing company based in New York and the Netherlands. In 2012 she received her Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Before Pratt, she attended the Oregon College of Art and Craft, received her BFA from Alfred University and was the Artist in Residence and Ceramic Technician for the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon. Her work has been exhibited around the country, she has taken part in shows at Clayspace 1205, NYC’s Nasty Women Exhibition, Growth NYCxDesign, and the Morbid Anatomy Museum as well as the Northview Gallery and the Manuel Izquierdo Gallery in Portland OR.


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