Student Credit

Student Credit

from 25.00

All adult students will need student credit to purchase clay, tools and pay for firing fees. We recommend beginner classes start with $50 in credit and intermediate/advanced, $100.

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Student Credit Details

  • Student credit comes in three prepaid, color-coded increments: Yellow $25, Green $50, Purple $100. 
  • Credit can transfer between classes as well as be sold to other students.
  • Clay Art Center does not refund credit nor will be involved in transfer of credit balances from student to student.
  • Students will be reminded to purchase credit in the class confirmation email.
  • Students will be reminded to purchase new credit once the balance reaches $10 or lower with a yellow sticky note on their credit sheet that says “Time to get new student credit”

Clay ranges in price from $14-21 per 25 lb. bag.

Main Classroom (Cone 10):
Standard White Stoneware #181 - $16
Standard Buff Stoneware #306 - $14
Standard Grolleg Porcelain #257 - $21

Annex Classroom (Cone 6):
Standard Dark Brown (Keiko) #266 - $15
Standard White #213 - $14
Standard Porcelain #365 - $21

Firing is 5 cents per cubic inch (l x w x h) for bisque and glaze firing.  
Bisque only is 3 cents per cubic inch
Glaze only is 4 cents per cubic inch
10 test tiles - $3

Tool Kits (great for beginners) are $19
Various tools range from $1-7 per tool