Plant A Seed of Creativity

Sponsor Summer Camp Scholarships and Give a Kid a Chance to Grow this Summer

Summer Camp Scholarships give underserved children

  • The opportunity for self-discovery and growth
  • Skills to translate an idea into tangible form
  • The chance to nurture their inner artist
  • A supportive and stimulating environment to experience art

Your gift can mean the following for a lucky child:

  • $500 - Gives 2 very Happy Campers a week of half-day camp - or full day camp for 1 camper
  • $250 - Gives 1 Happy Camper a full week of half-day clay camp
  • $100 - Provides 1 child with a partial scholarship for a half-day, week-long camp
  • $50 - Provides all materials and firing for 1 camper for 1 week