Full Day Camp July 29 - August 2

Full Day Camp July 29 - August 2


Week 5
July 29 - Aug 2
9 AM - 4 PM

Sign up for our morning and afternoon camp, with an hour of supervised lunch and activities. 

Ages 8-12
Morning: Clay Castle

Dig your moats, pull the draw bridge and get ready to walk the great halls of your own ceramic castle! Learn how to coil, pinch and slab-build as we bring medieval villages to life, complete with knights, jesters, dragons and more.

Afternoon: Comic Books in Clay
ZAAAP! POW! BANG! Students will bring comics to life as they craft their own narrative in clay. Instructors will work with each student to stimulate their imagination and bring both new and age-old comics off the page.

Ages 10+

Morning: Reinvent The Wheel
Learn to use the potter’s wheel to create fun and funky pieces to take home and enjoy for years to come! Center, pull, and throw to make pots big and small. Finish all your projects with the glaze of your choice.

Afternoon: Pots and Petals
Learn wheel-throwing techniques to create your own flower pots and vases. Take your work off the wheel, and alter it by hand to create Ikebana, a specialized vessel which highlights the art of flowers, in traditional Japanese culture.

Sign up for Early Bird Drop Off to bring your child at 8:30am.


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