Full Day Camp August 12 - 16

Full Day Camp August 12 - 16


Week 7
August 12 - 16
9 AM - 4 PM

Sign up for our morning and afternoon camp, with an hour of supervised lunch and activities. 

Ages 6 - 9
Morning: Around The World in 5 Days

Using cultural inspirations from around the world students will create Pre-Colombian animal stirrup pots, Egyptian Canopic Jars, Greek amphora and more, in this world wide adventure!

Afternoon: Amazing Animals
Learn about animals with amazing evolutionary characteristics, from the bottom of the ocean floor to the tippy top of the mountains. Save some room for your favorite furry friends, as we sculpt and pinch the animals and their environments.

Ages 10+
Morning: Re-Invent The Wheel)
Learn to use the potter’s wheel to create fun and funky pieces to take home and enjoy for years to come! Center, pull, and throw to make pots big and small. Finish all your projects with the glaze of your choice.

Afternoon: Bubble Bowls
Center, pull, and throw to make bowls big and small. Learn the coolest new glaze technique around and create a bubble pattern in every color using soapy water and ceramic glazes.

Sign up for Early Bird Drop Off to bring your child at 8:30am.

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