Full Day Camp August 21 - 25

Full Day Camp August 21 - 25


Week 8:
August 21 - 25
9 AM - 4 PM

Sign up for our morning and afternoon camp, with an hour of supervised lunch and activities. 

Ages 6-9
Morning: Welcome to Fairy Land
All you need is a little bit of pixie dust to create your own fairy land! Create your own mini fairy village. Design and build hidden fairy homes, never-before-seen plants, fantastical forests and of course fairies and gnomes! Bring the magic home with you, to create your own Fairy garden.
Afternoon: Set the Table   
Setting the table is no chore in this camp!  Have fun while you make cups, plates, bowls and more, all for your family table

Ages 10+
Morning: Alter Your World Wheel Camp            
Take the potter’s Wheel one step further in this class, with an emphasis on taking things out of round, and into the sphere of your imagination. Alter your pots as you cut, stamp and shape them into brand new forms! This class is great for returning students, looking to practice and learn new skills.
Afternoon: Check out that Mug!
Draw inspiration from Early American Folk Pottery while you use the potter’s wheel to make face mugs, cups and more. Alter the shape, add eye’s and ears, a mouth and nose and even your own hair-do to create funky new characters! Make yourself, make your family, or make your friends in this imaginative camp.

Sign up for Early Bird Drop Off to bring your child at 8:30am.


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