Full Day Camp August 7 - 11

Full Day Camp August 7 - 11


Week 6:
August 7 - 11
9 AM - 4 PM

Sign up for our morning and afternoon camp, with an hour of supervised lunch and activities. 

Ages 8-12
Morning: Emoji’s in the Round           
Express yourself! Use the popular emoji image to tell your story in clay. Create one-of a kind pots, plates, mugs and wind chimes.
Afternoon: Ancient Architects
Hop into our time machine, and travel the world to explore some of the greatest early civilizations! Visit Greece and learn about the three types of columns. Choose your favorite and create your own structure. Take a trip to Egypt and explore the Great Pyramids. Design your own pyramid, complete with secret passages and compartments!

Ages 10+
Morning: Re-Invent the Wheel
Re-invent yourself on the potter’s wheel! Learn wheel throwing techniques to create fun and funky pieces to take home and enjoy.
Afternoon: Mugs n’ Mud (ages 10 & up)            
Learn wheel throwing techniques to create mugs, bowls and plates. Make your pots appear to emerge from the earth when you add thick slips to your pots to create luscious, layered textures, on the wheel or off. This is MUD at its best!

Sign up for Early Bird Drop Off to bring your child at 8:30am.


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