Full Day Camp July 24 - 28

Full Day Camp July 24 - 28


Week 4:
July 24- 28
9 AM - 4 PM

Sign up for our morning and afternoon camp, with an hour of supervised lunch and activities. 

Ages 10+
Morning: Re-Invent the Wheel (ages 10 & up)
Re-invent yourself on the potter’s wheel! Learn wheel throwing techniques to create fun and funky pieces to take home and enjoy. This class is great for beginners and returning students, looking to practice their skills.
Morning: Mug Mania (ages 10 & up)
Use the potter’s wheel to create as many mugs as possibly. Make a mug for your whole family and personalize each one, when you add on stamped and handmade decorations. Glaze each mug with their favorite colors, for the perfect finish.    (Class limited to 10 students)
Afternoon: Wheel Thrown Sculpture (ages 10 & up)     
The wheel isn’t just for pots! Use the wheel as a tool and explore the limitless possibilities of sculpture. Use thrown rings, tubes, plates and bowls to build up and out, to create one-of a kind sculptures.

Sign up for Early Bird Drop Off to bring your child at 8:30am.


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