Exchange Labor for Tuition

We believe that the arts should be as accessible for as many people as possible! That’s why we created our work exchange program. Under our program, you may exchange your labor towards credit for class tuition.

Beginning work exchangers may earn up to half of the cost of a class through the program, and returning work-exchangers who have successfully completed one commitment, may use the program to earn their full class tuition.


  • Exchange your labor towards part or all of your class tuition at CAC

  • Receive credit at a rate of $10/hour

  • Help CAC continue to thrive as a non-profit


  • Sign a Work Exchange Student job contract

  • Work the hours owed within the session in which you are enrolled

  • Commit to a consistent schedule whenever possible. If you plan to work on a more flexible schedule, you must be proactive in pursuing opportunities to work your hours.

  • Most jobs require you to be at CAC during business hours, though there are some tasks that can be completed at home

  • Work in one or more of the following areas:

    • Mailings

    • SHOP at CAC/Front Desk

    • Gallery Exhibitions

    • Special Events

    • Database Maintenance

    • Office Administration Work

    • Studio/Classroom Maintenance

    • Miscellaneous Tasks and Spontaneous Needs

  • Note that you owe the balance of your class fee until your work-exchange status has been approved. If you withdraw or stop attending, you are still obligated to pay your balance due to CAC. Payment can be made through work-exchange or with cash, credit, or check. Individuals with a balance will be billed at the end of the semester and may forfeit their work-exchange status.

How to Apply

Please send an email with your application to or call David at 914-937-2047 x225