Arnie Zimmerman: A Studio Visit

Arnie Zimmerman: A Studio Visit


Saturday, April 13
10:30AM - 3:30PM (meet at Clay Art Center at 8:30am)
Carpool from CAC! We will leave CAC at 8:30am, or meet us at Arnie’s studio at 10:30am.
We will return to CAC at 5:30pm.


Spend a day with Arnie Zimmerman at his studio in Hudson, NY. The day will include a tour of Arnie’s sculpture garden and 5000 square foot studio, which houses a warehouse of 40 years of artwork, his studio, and a personal showroom showcasing his most recent sculpture. Arnie will then lead us to lunch in the heart of Hudson, and take us to a few of his favorite galleries on Warren Street. Arnie Zimmerman moved up to Hudson from Brooklyn, NY in 2014, where he worked for 33 years and established his career in clay. Come see how he lives and works in his new space and how his work combines anthropomorphic form with a moralizing content that relates a lesson about pretense and folly.

About his new environment, Arnie states “Living closer to nature has informed the work. I spend time in the garden now, putting my hands in soil. I was not able to do that in Brooklyn. I have left behind the NYC frenzy - here in Hudson there is more time to dream, feel, connect to spirit. I need that now."


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