Chinese New Year Dinner

Chinese New Year Dinner


Tuesday, February 5th, 6-9pm*

*adjusted time from brochure and postcard

To celebrate Chinese New Year we invite you to an intimate banquet in our gallery. Serving a special Chinese meal, the chef from Asiana Cafe in Greenwich will be serving on dishes created by Nikki Lau (a current artist-in-residence), which guests will take home at the end of the evening. Guest artists Sin-Ying Ho and Adriel Tong will dine with us and give an artist talk during the cocktail hour.

Asiana Cafe will be serving Peking Duck entree (also a vegetarian option) along with other small bites. The head chef will talk about the history of Chinese cuisine as well as the restaurant itself.

“I was inspired to make a dinner set that had a trompleoil effect of a bowl that looked like a mound of rice with an egg on top nestled into a blue and white plate. The work reminds me of many family meals with rice at the center, to celebrate a happy and prosperous New Year. “ -Nikki Lau, Artist-in-Residence

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