Plate, Platter, and More with Matt Hyleck

Plate, Platter, and More with Matt Hyleck


May 5-6
10 AM - 4 PM

Join Baltimore artist Matt Hyleck in this 2-day workshop to explore a range of utilitarian forms; cups for all occasions, bowls and a variety of plates, platters and more for the dinner table.  Demonstrations will reinforce traditional throwing technique combined with the use of simple hump and slump molds to create an assortment of plates and serving platters for decoration and finishing.  An emphasis will be placed on creating pieces which incorporate an individual’s literal or abstract interpretation of landscape and their environment as motif to create reference material to inform their surface embellishments and glaze palette.  Methods for embellishing the surface of leather-hard and bisque-ware will be discussed; including slip, masking, wax resist and the nuances of Shino application.


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