DIY 3d Printer in Clay with Bryan Czibesz

DIY 3d Printer in Clay with Bryan Czibesz

from 320.00

(Price does not include kit for building printer which can be purchased for $575)
Aug 14 - 18
10 AM - 4 PM

$220 for any full time college student (material fee still applies)

The goal of this workshop is to develop a practical understanding of the construction and use of an extrusion-based ceramic 3d printer that can be integrated into existing ceramic studio practices. Each participant will begin by either 1) building their own DIY ceramic 3d printer from parts and an open-source knowledge base or 2) building the knowledge base necessary to build and/or use one after the workshop. Then, we will develop digital design strategies--from simple to complex--that allow us to return to working directly with clay, printing 3d printed parts in clay and then developing strategies for combining them with thrown, hand built, and/or cast additions.

By building our own machines and developing hybrid methodologies that facilitate direct play between digital and hand processes, this workshop will provide tools for artists and educators to integrate digital technologies into their studio practice and ceramics curricula.


Each participant is required to bring a laptop computer (any platform, but Mac is preferable), an 8gb USB flash drive, and a regular SD card reader (often built into laptops). Smartphones are recommended. The printers we build can be shipped, but driving is strongly recommended.

General Schedule:

Days 1 - 2: Build the printers as a group/team, load the firmware and discuss software. Test the printers by end of day 2.

Days 2 - 3: Learn the operation of the printers, including simple software, and preparation of the clay for printing. Focus on testing with existing 3d models while exploring simple 3d modeling processes.

Days 4 - 5: Experiment with combining printed objects with clay parts from other processes. Finish with establishing resources and network for success in using the printers after leaving the workshop!


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