Jen Allen - May

Jen Allen - May


Sat. May 4 - Sun. May 5
10AM - 4PM
Hands on

This workshop will focus on creative ways to approach the form and surface of utilitarian pottery. Play and experimentation will be primary goals as participants slice, dice, bend, fold, stamp and decorate their way towards a new vocabulary of useful forms. Demonstrations will include throwing, darting, stamp-making, slip-trailing and more. Discussions will center around ergonomics, tactility, design and creative problem solving. Basic wheel-throwing and/or hand-building skills are necessary.

Material Needs: Basic Pottery tool kit, scoring tool (wire brush) serrated rib, red rubber rib (mud tools), slip trailing bottles, scissors, paper for template making/tracing, PENCIL to trace templates, texture tools/stamps, etc. clay sold separately

Firing: Pieces may be fired at studio rates ($.03/cubic in.) at end of workshop

To learn more about Jen Allen, please visit her website

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