Novie Trump and Trisha Coates

Novie Trump and Trisha Coates


September 22-23

Novie and Trisha share their processes for this immersive workshop that explores the incorporation of nature into ceramic art.  

Novie Trump: The Miniature Reliquary

rel·i·quar·y: a container or shrine where relics or other precious objects are kept

In this hands-on, one-day workshop students will use personal imagery to create a precious object from porcelain and a miniature shrine or reliquary to house it. Basic hand-building techniques will be utilized as well as mark making and carving to help develop surface and narrative.  The layering of glazes, slips, stains and oxides to achieve weathered antique surfaces in cone six oxidation firing will be shared. 


Trisha Coates: Burnout Tiles
The burnout process uses found and made combustible objects (yarn, paper, etc) to dip into slip. Trisha will go over the process of layering objects onto flat surfaces to create tiles. All skill levels are welcome to explore this fascinating hands-on workshop. 

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