Raku Firing with Eileen Sackman

Raku Firing with Eileen Sackman


 1 Day
Aug 19, Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 4
Sun 10 AM - 4 PM

Hands on

Discover the mystery of this unique atmospheric technique. We will explore Raku glazes, stains, and firing process. Bring 5-6 medium size pots (high fire or Raku clay), dress appropriately (long pants and sleeves), and prepare for team action!


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What to bring: 6-8 small bisqued pieces*, glaze brushes, green scrubby/brillo pad and a notebook/pen for notes and a bag lunch. We will provide glaze and wax resist in the studio. 

*Please do not bring large bowls, plates, or very tall pieces as they will not fit in our Raku kiln. The ideal height is 6 – 8 inches. This insures that everyone will participate in each firing throughout the day. The best is to have a variety of work: some small (not smaller than 3"), some tall and narrow up to 12" and not more than 4-5" in base, bowls 5-6" in diameter. We can fit some tiles or plates per kiln up to 8" (Eileen places them standing vertically). Our raku kiln is 18" in diameter and each firing fits max 12 pieces (1-3 pieces per person per firing) depending on the size, and we do 4 firings throughout the day.

Clay: Commercially prepared Raku clay is the best choice, but stoneware clay bodies are adequate.

The clay you choose for your pieces must be able to fire and cool quickly without breaking and be compatible with the glazes we use. Your clay should have an open porous structure and should not vitrify at firing temperature. 

What to wear: Please dress appropriately. Wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, shoes and socks to protect yourself from sparks. Long hair must be tied back. Additional protective gear will be provided for you. All participants will assist in the loading and unloading of each kiln.

In case of rain: Instructor will contact each student by phone to notify you of a cancellation.