Become an Artist-in-Resident

For 60 years, artists have been advancing their careers at Clay Art Center. Our Residency program, which commences each year in September, is uniquely designed for emerging artists who need time and space to develop their voices.

Residents gain invaluable experience working in a community environment, teaching classes, sharing their technical knowledge and expertise, and managing many jobs around the studio.

Clay Art Center provides a supportive ceramic community, while appreciating the need for privacy and independent work.


  • One year program commencing each September

  • Private 10' x 10' studio space

  • Free firing

  • Monthly stipend for materials ($300/mo for artists in residence)

  • Paid on-site teaching opportunities

  • Exhibition in gallery at end of program


  • One year commitment

  • Residents must assist with studio maintenance (approximately 10 to 15 hours per week mixing glaze, pugging clay, and firing student work).

  • Before the end of the residency, we ask that the residents work together to create approximately 200 small artworks for our annual fundraiser in October

  • Living space is not provided


  • Applications are due by April 5

  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents

  • BFA or MFA highly recommended

How to Apply

Applications must be received by April 5. Include the following in your application packet

  • Application form

  • Statement of Interest

  • Artist’s Statement

  • Resume

  • 10 digital images of work completed during the last 2 years (images must be 6” largest side at 300dpi max).

  • Image List with Title, medium & process, date, dimensions

  • 2 professional references: provide name and contact info, and note your relationship with each

  • Please take care to label each image and document with your name and title (i.e. LastName_title).

Please email all items to by April 5.  Please put “CAC Residency Application” in the subject line.

Selection Process

It is the policy of Clay Art Center to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.

All applications are reviewed by our Residency Committee. The selection process is based upon the strength of your application. Spaces in the program are made available as current residents reach their term limit or leave the program. The number of spots available is not known until the time of application review. All applicants will be notified by May 1st. The residency will begin on September 1st.


20 Years of Artists-in-Residents 1998 - 2019:

1998-99   Robert Mueller

1999-2000   Chikako Morioka

2000-2001   Susan Barbehenn

2001-2002    Kelli Damron, Steve Lee

2002-2003   Tracy ShellKelli Damron

2003-2004    Myung Jin Choi, Tracy Shell

2004-2005    Michelle Tobia, John Chewukun

2005-2006    Heather Houston, Michelle Tinner

2006-2007    Mari Ogihara, Kyla Toomey

2007-2008    Kyla Toomey, Elina Toperman

2008-2009    Shanna Fliegel, Andrew Coombs

2009-2010    Andrew Coombs, Jon McMillan, Shanna Fliegel

2010-2011*     Caitlin Applegate, Kristina Stafford

2011-2012     Jeffrey Schwarz, Cory Brown, Caitlin Applegate, Catie Newman

2012-13    Kelsey Duncan, Mike Stumbras, Kelly O'Sullivan

2013-14    Kelsey Duncan, Lindsay Sypta, Ron Geibel, Gabby Sia

2014-15    Matthew Smith, Ron Geibel, Kelley Donahue, Lindsey Francis

2015-16    Kelley Donahue, Max Seinfeld, Chris Pickett, Jose Tlaczani

2016-17    Logan Wall, Max Seinfeld, Natalia Arbalaez, Teddy Poneman

2017-18    Logan Wall, Michael Cerv, Zoey Scheler, Dana Reifer
2018-19 Zoey Scheler, Christine Fashion, Nikki Lau, Luke Wilde

*In 2011, we initiated the Barbara Rittenberg Fellowship and the Westchester Community Foundation Young Artist Fellowship, thanks to generous support from the Rittenberg Memorial Fund and Westchester Community Foundation