Emily 8 years ago when she first started scholarship classes at CAC, and Emily today, teaching in our after school programs for youth.

Year-End Giving

Amazing things happen at Clay Art Center every day.

We all remember playing with mud as kids, letting our imaginations create magical worlds. Clay transforms lives and your support allows so many at-risk youth who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow and bond through clay.

Lives like Emily's, who came to CAC at age 14 as a shy, withdrawn kid. Since then, she has blossomed into a confident college student, and is now an instructor in our community arts outreach programs. She states “CAC was a place for me and my friends to escape the outside world and create a new one. My time at CAC has changed me for the best.”

Together, we can touch the lives of vulnerable young people at a critical time in their lives.

Your gift to Clay Art Center today helps create a safe haven for at-risk youth and vulnerable adults, and gives people a place to unplug, and unleash their creative energy.

Everyone deserves to have their lives enriched by the arts.

  • YOU can help make it possible for us provide 1200 at-risk youth with free access to arts education programming each year.

  • YOU can make it possible for us to support emerging artists in our residency program, and make studio space affordable for our artists

  • YOU can help us curate amazing exhibitions to inspire 1000’s each year in our gallery.

  • YOU can make it possible for us to put clay into the hands of people with special needs, put smiles on their faces, and create joy in their hearts.

We need your support to continue this important work.

What is Clay Art Center's Impact?