I’d like to schedule a field trip/workshop/event/tour, who do I contact?

For Birthday Parties, Scout Workshops, or company activities, click here. For field trips or workshops for K-12 groups contact our Community Arts Director at communityarts@clayartcenter.org.  To schedule a tour of the facility, contact the Front Office (x2).

Where do I park when I come to visit or take class?

The parking lot is a municipal lot monitored by the Village of Port Chester. The spots in the middle and to the right of the gallery door (against the fence) have three hour limits.  If you are going to be at CAC more than 3 hours, we suggest you move your car to another spot after 3 hours has passed, or you might be ticketed.  Other spots on the perimeter of the lot are for decal parking only - you will be ticketed if you park in a decal spot and do not have a decal in your car.  Other options are to park on Beech Street (please read signs for alternate side street parking) or at Petco (1 1/2  blocks away).  If you require handicapped parking, you can ask staff for permission to park in our driveway.

Do you handle ceramic repairs?

We do not. However, we’d be happy to direct you to people that do! www.TKLibby.com

I have a piece I need fired, can I bring it to you?

Due to the volume of work generated by our classes and artists we do not have the capacity to fire outside work. If you are a ceramic artist interested in becoming an associate artist, click here for more info.

I’m looking for an activity for my friends/date/children. Can we come in and work with clay?

Yes, we have classes and times set aside just for you--take a look at our Saturday Drop In, Cladies Night, and Private Lessons.


How old do children have to be to work with clay?

Children must be at least 6 to do handbuilding (depending on class), and 10 years or over to work on the potter’s wheel.

Do you have pre-k programs?

Not at this time. We’re happy to arrange group private lessons for pre-k students and homeschoolers.

I’m currently enrolled in a class, when is open studio?

Visit our classroom schedules page

I don’t want to be a student but am not yet ready to be a CAC artist. Is there a section at CAC for me?

Yes, our Independent Study classroom is a space for those who would like to work without instruction, but not ready to apply to be a CAC Artist yet. With their monthly fee,  Independent Study students get a shelf, access during operating hours/night classes, and a small shared classroom with other independent study students.

I’d really prefer to just come in and work on my own. Can I do open studio?

Open studio is offered only to students currently enrolled in an adult level class. We do however offer a number of classes designed for every level of experience, from beginners to advanced, as well as private lessons for people who need more flexible schedules. For those with experience or students who have already taken classes with us we also offer Independent Study. If you are a ceramic artist looking for a private or group studio space, find out how to become a CAC Artist.

I’m interested in taking classes, but my schedule means I will have to miss some of the dates. Can I make them up somehow?

Students may make-up a maximum of 2 classes during full session classes and 1 class during 6-8 week sessions. Classes cannot be made up in the last week of classes. For a full rundown of policies, go here.

If I know I’m going to miss a lot of class sessions, can I prorate the class price?

Yes, but only if you notify us ahead of time and the missing classes are at the beginning or ending of class sessions, and as long as you are not taking the space of a potential full paying student.  We only consider prorating if there is space in the class close to the start date.

Can I pre-register for Saturday Drop-in?

You cannot register online, but you can call on the day of to register in advance over the phone 10:30 am- 1:30pm.   Spots are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Please plan on arriving by 1:45 for class or earlier to register in person.

Do you have scholarships for adults?

Not at this time, but we do offer work exchange to adults who cannot afford tuition and have time to work for tuition fees.

When and where can I pick up the artwork I made in Saturday Drop-In or Cladies Night?

We are open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Come to the Gallery Reception desk to pick it up!



What do I do if I can’t find a piece of work that I made? or What happens if my clay piece breaks in the kiln?

There is a lot of student work to look through, and more often than not your piece is either still in the kiln or behind other pots. We put stickers on every glaze piece to organize it based on time it came out of the kiln--work over 3 months old is discarded. If you cannot find your piece you should notify your teacher first, and then they will notify a staff member if it still cannot be found. We recommend that you take pictures of all the pieces that you make, or use a pottery app (like “Pottery Notes”) to help you keep track of your work.  Pots transform so much in a glaze firing that it may sometimes be hard to recognize as yours.

If a clay piece breaks due to unforeseen causes (kiln malfunction, mishandling, etc.) CAC will refund you for the price of firing.  CAC does not reimburse students for work that did not come out as expected, due to glazing or other issues. If a student wants to refire a piece, they must pay for another glaze firing.

When do the kilns get loaded/unloaded?

We generally like to have a set schedule for bisquing student work, however sometimes there will be fluctuations. Our two Artists-in-Residents load student work into bisque and cone 6 kilns on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, as long as there is enough work to fill the kiln. Firing schedules listing when the next firing will be loaded/unloaded are posted in the kiln rooms. Our studio manager fires cone 10 student work and will only fire a kiln when there is enough work to fill the whole space; there is a calendar for cone 10 in the CAC Artist glaze space (next to the gas kiln room).



What are the benefits of membership?

As a CAC Member you receive:

  • Discounts on classes, workshops and lectures
  • Advanced registration in classes
  • Invitations to Members-Only events
  • Member Quarterly Newsletters
  • Acknowledgement in our Annual Report
  • Membership Card which entitles you to discounts at A.I. Friedman and other local businesses

Is my membership tax deductible?


Do members get a discount on pottery?

No. We offer a discount on classes and workshops, but not on artwork.  From time to time we have a sale in the SHOP and Gallery.