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FRESHLY FUNK: Lauren Skelly

Lauren Skelly was the recipient of a solo show award from our competitive exhibition, Tristate of Mind, curated by Leslie Ferrin of Ferrin Contemporary and an award-committee comprised of Glenn Adamson, Barry Harwood, David McFadden, and Jennifer Scanlan.

Artist Statement

Freshly Funk surveys my methods of making assemblage sculptures, conglomerations, installations, and figurines. I consider myself as an explorer, seeking new ways of layering, swirling, forcing, bending, breaking and reusing surfaces. A conversation between elements of nature emerges from her practice: flora, fauna, rocks, and the tooled objects made by man are called to mind. In combining them, I forge a new perspective of these elements.

There’s that sensation of falling for process, the chase of finding the unexpected and learning how it occurs. From that knowledge I attain, I make intentional decisions regarding textural surfaces, glazes, slips and clay applications, truly changing the context of the piece from a study to a solution. I respond to changes and observe balance in my work, seeking to push an uneasy tension between materials and form. Each new sculpture is a moment, something new that has been achieved or understood, taking me further into my experience with ceramics.

For Stacked & Cracked, the piece was initially a totem of processes I had come to learn in a short period of time. As much as I tried to pull away from the idea of a vessel, this form embodies as a decorative vessel. Greatly because of its bottom, which is casted from crystal candlestick holder from Goodwill. This piece is about changes, weathering, layering as a way to compact knowledge, and to mark those moments of unearthing my process.



Dedicated to the investigations of ceramics, Lauren Skelly explores surface, form and the layering of histories in her sculptures. Skelly draws from nature, industrial objects and objects tooled by man to assemble her totems of layered histories. In 2015, Skelly received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design with a concentration in Ceramics. Skelly studied at Adelphi University, from 2008-2014 where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts degrees.  Lauren received the Thomas McNulty Award for Excellence in Sculpture in May 2012. Skelly has attended a variety of workshops and apprentice opportunities throughout the United States and in Italy.

In 2015 Skelly organized a show entitled, "Of Earth," featuring fifteen artists at Anchor Gallery in spring 2015 that coincided with the annual conference for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). The show explored various methods of making ceramic inspired work from foil prints of pots, to Raku fired to figurative and representational works. This July, Skelly will be exhibiting her first solo show, "Freshly Funk," at the Clay Art Center. This solo show was awarded to her by a sub committee made up of Glenn Adamson, Barry Harwood, David McFadden and Jennifer Scanlan for her work entitled, "Cracked & Stacked." The work was apart of a group show curated by Leslie Ferrin in conjunction with the Clay Art Center entitled, "Tristate of Mind." The show celebrated emerging ceramic artists within a 75-mile radium of the Clay Art Center.

Since 2008 Skelly has exhibited her work nationally at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Adelphi University, Chico Gallery, Blue Line Gallery, Nassau Community College, Celadon Gallery, Providence Art Club Gallery, Anchor Providence, Art Center and Patchogue Art Council Gallery.

Later Event: September 24