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REVISIT: The Boneyard

Clay Art Center has provided workshops by world-class artists since the formative years in the 60’s. Notoriously nicknamed “The Boneyard”, visiting artists leave demonstration works with the Center to be a source of inspiration for future artists and students. These artists throughout the years have grown artistically in their own right since demonstrating in Port Chester; REVISIT will pull selected bisque demonstration pieces from the classrooms and display it alongside new works by each respective artist.

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Participating artists include:
Hayne Bayless, Susan Beiner, Margaret Bohls, Sam Chung, Mary Cloonan, Tom Coleman, Bruce Denhert, Michelle Erickson, Julia Galloway, Silvie Granatelli, Susan Halls, Bryan Hopkins, Ayumi Horie, Matt Hyleck, Nick Joerling, Kristen Kieffer, Leah Lietson, Suze Lindsay, Jennifer McCurdy, Lorna Meaden, Ron Meyers, Brooke Noble, Jeff Oestrich, Lisa Orr, Doug Peltzman, Pete Pinnell, Joe Pintz, Jane Schellenbarger, Deb Schwartzkopf, Gay Smith, Lana Wilson, Janice Wunderlich, and Kensuke Yamada, Arnie Zimmerman

Later Event: May 24
Inspired By... The Boneyard