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REDUX: Transformations 6x6

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 22, 6-8pm

National invitational of 6” ceramic tiles by 200 artists

Curated by Executive Director, Leigh Taylor Mickelson

As part of Clay Art Center's 60th anniversary series of exhibitions, we are resurrecting an exhibition that some consider to be one of Clay Art Center’s greatest: Transformations 6x6.   In 2008 this exhibition featured 597 6”x6” tiles by over 150 artists, and was exhibited at Clay Art Center as part of the All Fired Up county-wide celebration of clay.  Our 60th anniversary reiteration of this momentous exhibition, aptly re-titled, REDUX: Transformations 6x6 will feature many of the artists that were in the first exhibit. Leigh Taylor Mickelson, Executive Director, has curated 200 artists to create 6” x 6” ceramic tiles to be hung in a grid in the gallery. The walls of our gallery will be filled with work that has been transformed from three dimensions into two, creating a visual assortment of color and content along with a synchronization of design and purpose. REDUX provides a parameter for artists to think intently on their work and whittle it down to the crux of their conceptual thinking.

For Interior Designers & Architects:
For years local interior designers & architects have utilized Clay Art Center artists as a resource to commission custom artwork and tile for their projects. Tiles that are handcrafted, made in America, and depicting designs or scenes that are meaningful to their clients, adds a personal and artistic aesthetic to a client's space that is in demand today. Our REDUX exhibit is a fabulous opportunity to view the depth and breadth of how contemporary ceramic artists are approaching tile, and be inspired about the possibilities.

The ceramic arts are such a vital part of the Contemporary Art World and as such provides a unique and on-trend addition to your client's homes and offices. If you would like a tour of our facilities, arrange to meet some of our over 50 working Clay Art Center artists or discuss how we can best work with you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Tel: 914-937-2047. Ceramic works available for commission: Custom 6" x 6" tile, Custom dinnerware, Ceramic sculpture, Ceramic pottery.

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Participating artists include:

Tomoko Abe, Sally Aldrich, Jennifer Allen, Wesley Anderegg, Peter Arnow, Keiko Ashida, Lorna Awalt, Posey Bacopoulos, Mary Barringer, Parviz Batliwala, Hayne Bayless, Deborah Bedwell, Eve Behar, Susan Beiner, Dalia Berman, Nicholas Bernard, Ruth Borgenicht, Mary Kay Botkins, Myra Bowie, Jessica Brandl, Lucy Breslin, Lisa Breznak, John Britt, Undine Brod, Jo-Ann Brody, Monique Brooks, Joy Brown, Richard Burkett, Jason Burnett, Julie Buyon, Melisa Cadell, Jeanne Carreau, Linda Casbon, Mark Chatterley, Adam Chau, Jennifer Cherpock, Victoria  Christen, John Chwekun, Naomi Cleary, Mary Cloonan, Sarah Coble, Nan Coffin, Roni Cohen, Jane Cohen, Naomi Cohn, Cynthia Consentino, Paula Cook, Andrew Coombs, Earlene Cox, Angela Cunningham, Kelley Donahue, Jessica Dubin, Ariel Edwards, Julie Elkins, Melody Ellis, Heather Mae Erickson, Michelle Erickson, Kathy Erteman, Brooke Evans, Michael Failla, Marty Fielding, Alex Fitzgerald, Shanna Fliegel, Karen Ford, Grace Fraioli, Helayne Friedland, Debra Fritts, Ron Geibel, Martha Grover, Susan Halls, Ursula Hargens, Rain Harris, Deborah Heid, Tabbatha Henry, Robin Henschel, Sin-Ying Ho , Debra Holiber, Bryan Hopkins, Stepanka Horalkova, Meredith Host, Heather Houston, Rebecca Hutchinson, Matthew Hyleck, Marlene Jack, Doug Jeppesen, Natalie Kase, Reena Kashyap, Judith Katz, Elizabeth Kendall, Gail Kendall, Diane Kenney, Kathy King, Adam Knoche, Sarah Koster, Linda Kuehne, Helen Kunzman, Eva Kwong, Martina Lantin, Jim Lawton, Deborah Lecce, Kazuko Lee, Forrest Lesch-Middleton, Denis Licul, Carol Long, David MacDonald, Loren Maron, Shalya Marsh, Deborah  Mawhinney, George Fintan McEvoy, Connor McGinn, Jonathan McMillan, Lorna Meaden, Leigh Mickelson, Bob Miranti, Judy Moonelis, Crystal Morey, Luanne Morse, Rimmie Mosley, Anne Mulford, Bri Murphy, Rene Murray, Sana Musasama, Sally Ng, Gloria Nixon-Crouch, Brooke Noble, Matthew Nolen, Richard Notkin, Jill Oberman, Sean O'Connell, Kelly O'Sullivan, Jessica Palmer, Rick Parsons, Aysha Peltz, Chris Pickett, Christina Pitsch, Liz Quackenbush, Brenda Quinn, Kari Radasch, Don Reynolds, Marilyn Richeda, Kitty Ross, Lily Schor, Emily Schroeder , Willis, Jeffrey Schwarz, Lindsay Scypta, Max Seinfeld, Jeff Shapiro, Roberta Shapiro, Grace Sheese, Tracy Shell & , Jesse Ross, Gabrielle Sia, Harold Silverman, Gertrude Graham Smith, Kevin Snipes, Tamar Sobol, Michelle Sorrentino, Michael Stumbras, Mara Superior, Hatsumi Suyama, Georgia Tenore, Julie Tesser, Jose Tlaczani, Michelle Tobia, Kyla Toomey, Suruchi Tripathi, Kathy Triplett, Susan Tunick, Logan Wall, Ginny Waters, Judith Weber, Adam Welch, Jackie Welsh, Robin Whiteman, Carol Wilkinson, Nate Willever, Blake Williams, Elenor Wilson, Emily Free Wilson, Tara Wilson, Lana  Wilson, Paula Winokur, Susan Wortman, Dustin Yager, Kensuke Yamada, Sheryl Zacharia

Later Event: July 26
Best of Westchester Party