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Artist Reception: Saturday, April 7, 6-8pm

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THEY will exhibit artists whose work highlights voices marginalized and historically underrepresented in institutional spaces. THEY engages in discourse concerning exploitation, exclusion, and erasure by addressing issues of race, gender, class, religion, nationality, legal status, sexuality and disability. Through a focus on equity and access within the field of ceramics, Clay Art Center has asked Roberto Lugo to invite seven artists to create a vision of ceramics that employs empathy, exchange, accountability, and support while bringing awareness to bias and oppression. Intersectionality provides a dynamic lens through which we discuss multiple systems of identity and power. Concurrent to this exhibition will be a symposium about related topics including immigration, political policy, commodification, colonialism, community agency, the role of the artist/gallery/educator, and social justice.   Invited Artists:  Jennifer Ling-Datchuk, Christina Erives, Kahlil Irving, Lauren Sandler, Malcolm Mobutu-Smith, Courtney Leonard, Roberto Lugo, and Nathan Murray

“The artists I’ve invited use their own human experience to relate to others. The show is about employing empathy instead of competition with our differences” –Roberto Lugo


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Roberto Lugo is an American potter, social activist, spoken word poet, and educator. Lugo's work draws together hip-hop, history and politics into formal ceramics and 2D works. In 2015 he received the Emerging Artist award from NCECA (the National Convention for the Education in the Ceramic Arts), launching his career to the international spotlight. Currently he teaches at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.  Watch this video


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