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Ehren Tool- Slide Lecture


Join Ehren Tool at Clay Art Center following his demo in Lyon Park, where he'll be giving a slide lecture discussing his experiences, and his trajectory from the military into pot making.

A Marine Veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, Ehren has turned to pottery to discuss heavy issues; his goal is to start a dialog with different communities using art as a conduit. He will be demonstrating in Lyon Park from 12 - 5pm. His work is currently in the gallery exhibit "US" through September 15th.

About the Artist-
“I have made and given away more than 20,300 cups since 2001. After my experience in the 1991 Gulf War, with the Marine Corps, I am compelled to make work that talks about the strange places where military and civilian cultures collude and collide.
Peace is the only adequate war memorial. I believe the cup is the appropriate scale to talk about war. The cups go into the world hand-to-hand, one story at a time. I hope that some of the cups can be starting points for conversations about unspeakable things.
The images on the cups are often graphic and hard to look at. You may be for or against a particular war but I think it is too easy for us to look away. Issues of war and violence touch us all locally and globally.”


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