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ALL takes a look at the human impact on the natural environment, and how we are connected as humans across borders. Novie Trump will create an installation of ceramic insect specimens, an implication of migration, evolution, and extinction. Included are reliquaries of animals that point to the sacredness of wildlife and the fragility of our existence on this planet.  Trisha Coates creates objects and installations of ceramic detritus, looking at the human impact on our environment by including themes of collection, decomposition, and natural ecosystems.

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“My work engages the idea that our relationship to the past and our own personal histories is more fluid and impermanent than we are led to believe. Because memory is an ever-shifting confluence of past and present, my work relies on the fragile and fragmented and hovers between ephemeral and permanent. In ALL I’m exploring an intersection of memory and the fragility of our environment. Pulling from my own history and personal markers of time, place and season, these works suggest a delicate interconnectivity between us and the natural world. Our personal markers of time and season are changing due to a changing climate. Robins have altered their migration, cicadas are emerging from their cycles early, and weather patterns have become extreme and erratic, affecting plants in our locales. Global environmental effects are beginning to alter our future memories.

My accumulated detritus stems from a range of sources. I often collect objects or debris from a specific site, and these objects are then dipped, molded or used as inspiration in rendering. Undertones of traditional Vanitas paintings and symbolic still life imagery can be seen throughout the work. The visual vocabulary of still life helps me highlight the fragility of our environment and our impact on it. These objects, fragments, and matter emerge and dissolve within each other, creating a precarious space where creation and destruction can collide. I want the viewer to create connections between the objects and begin to build their own stories.” - Trisha Coates


“This body of work explores themes of hidden connection and interdependence. As humans in this modern technological age, we often feel isolated and insignificant — apart not only from each other, but from the world itself.

In truth, we are all connected, on every level, from the infinitesimal to the cosmic. It is imperative to securing our collective future that these unseen connections be closely examined, nurtured and honored.

In my piece (pictured above) The Eye of the Storm, I investigate The Butterfly Effect, a concept in Chaos Theory that posits the flap of a single butterfly’s wings can precipitate a typhoon halfway across the world. It serves as a reminder that our actions have consequences, sometimes invisible to us, but important nonetheless.” -Novie Trump

Read our blogpost and view images of the Opening Reception that took place on Saturday, Sept. 22nd.

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