Clay Art Center takes its Port Chester Middle School Class On the Road!

Students attending Clay Art Center's after school program Around the World in Clay have had a busy two weeks! On May 6th, six students accompanied Community Arts Manager Kelly O'Sullivan and long-time Community Arts Instructor Denis Licul to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For several of the students it was their first time taking a train into New York City, and all students were awed as they made their way through the rich cultural arts exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time in their lives.

Students began their exploration in Greek Art where they admired prehistoric and early Greek pottery. They then moved into Greek and Roman Sculptures, where they marveled at the large mosaic reconstructions and paused to sketch sculptures in the sun drenched solarium. The bulk of our trip was spent viewing works in the multitude of galleries compromising the  Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas. Students were particularly excited to come across ceramic pots, sculptures and jewelry from their countries of origin, such a Ecuador and Columbia. To conclude our day we traveled up to the recently opened Rooftop Exhibition The Theatre of Disappearance by Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas, to enjoy a refreshing NYC backdrop and the large sculptural display.

The students came home from their big day out in the city exhausted, yet eager to put their inspirations to work in the classroom! 

Soon after our trip to the MET, the students hopped a bus from Port Chester Middle school and came to Clay Art Center for a tour of our gallery and facility and a hands-on class, accompanied by Carver Center's After School Site Coordinator Fallen Jean-Baptiste.  Prior to coming, students had spent several weeks designing and creating their own mosaic projects, made of unique handmade tiles. Our Community Arts Manager demonstratedhow to mix grout and apply it to their mosaic pieces. As students wiped away the grout, they were thrilled to see their images emerge brighter before their eyes! Students will be proudly displaying their completed mosaics at their Final Exhibition on May 25th at Port Chester Middle School.

The Around the World in Clay program in generously funded by the Common Sense Fund, which allowed all students to travel and attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Clay Art Center, completely free of charge.