We had a Fun-tastic Summer!

Thank you for helping kids Unplug with Mud!


Our campers discovered the art of summer in our award winning weekly themed half and full day summer camps for ages 6-15. Working with clay develops creative problem solving skills and builds confidence through the discovery of its transformational and therapeutic qualities.

Campers were able to make their own castles, musical instruments, comic books and handmade cups, bowls and plates to bring home for all to love.

Thank you for supporting our Sponsor a Child Scholarship Fund! We are grateful for your generosity and are proud to share that Clay Art Center was able to raise an amazing $18,950 and award 75 scholarships to families and children in need.

But there is more we can do to help spark creative expression in our young clay enthusiasts. We had over 120 requests for funding, and many of these students are also interested in attending classes during the school year. As more local families look to enroll their children in summer and academic year classes at Clay Art Center, we will continue to work to find a way to bring them into our programs. Your help makes a difference, and helps us bring clay into the hands of everyone who wants to participate.

Thank you for supporting us and helping our campers make art, friends and clay-full memories.