CAC Artist-in-Resident: Logan Wall

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Logan Wall is in her second year as an Artist-In- Resident at Clay Art Center. As well as being a talented ceramic artist whose work is highly sought after and sold in the Shop at CAC, she also teaches two adult classes, Beginners & Beyond on Monday mornings starting April 30, Thrown & Altered on Thursday mornings starting May 3, as well as Teen Wheel on Sunday afternoons starting May 13. Registration opens March 19 th if you would like to study with her.

Wall has exhibited in several shows in the US and was commissioned by the Museum of Science and History to make a piece for their permanent collection. She graduated in 2015 with a BFA from the University of North Florida. Her favorite exhibition that she has participated in was her solo show “Geometric Configurations,” at Clay Art Center last year which sold out. She states that this was her favorite show because she “was finally able to connect her form with her surface." 

Wall would describe her work as having a modern geometric design focused on compositions within the form and relating the compositions to the form. While some ceramic artists focus on the organic nature of the clay, Wall really tries to manipulate the materials. What is so unique about her work is her glazing process, which she discovered while taking a printmaking class where she learned how to use tape and contact paper on screens to block out designs. This is the process she now uses on her ceramic works to create her uniform geometric glaze shapes.  Logan draws inspiration from clay artists Peter Pincus, Mark Pharis and Jun Kaneko. Although she isn’t a painter, she also draws a lot of inspiration from geometric abstraction painters such as Piet Mondrian and his student, Ilya Bolotowsky.

Clay Art Center means a lot to Wall. She believes that Clay Art Center allowed her to develop a professional ceramic artist life for herself, which is something she didn’t have prior to landing here. “Being immersed in such a giant community of ceramic artists, especially coming from a place with only ten students interested in clay, really changed the game for me,” states Wall. At Clay Art Center, she realized that she enjoys teaching, especially her teen wheel class, which makes her think that teaching in high schools will probably be her next move. “To me, Clay Art Center really means community and opportunity, because the amount of connections I’ve made since coming here and the things that it has offered me as an artist… It never would’ve happened without this place,” she states. Check out Logan's ceramic works for sale in the Shop at CAC.