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US is a national invitational exhibition of ceramic works exploring the idea of what it is to be an American. Social and political issues will be touched upon by ceramic artists in an array of expression. Artists such as Ehren Tool, a US military veteran, will activate the community by creating ceramic cups with imagery of war to start a discussion with other veterans. Juxtaposed with this is Mariko Paterson, an immigrant from Canada who layers her colorful pottery with patriotic and social imagery that draws upon her interpretation of America’s past.

Invited Artists: Natalia Arbelaez, Russell Biles, Andrew Coombs, Jared Gelormino, Brian Harper, Virgil Ortiz, Mariko Paterson, Jessica Putnam Phillips, Hope Rovelto, Steven Montgomery, Sana Musasama, Ehren Tool, and  Shalene Valenzuela

Closing Event: Sept. 15, 7pm - Ehren Tool Cup Giveaway ($15 suggested donation). Learn More.

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