Port Chester Day with Ehren Tool

August 25th was a sunny day, a little too sunny and a little too hot to be throwing on the wheel outside in a park, but none-the-less, Ehren Tool persisted (even wedging 25 pounds of clay on hot asphalt). Ehren Tool came from California for Port Chester Day, a celebration of the town’s 150th anniversary. A marine veteran-turned-potter, Ehren spreads his experiences through clay. All types of people came out for the event: families, corporations, and yes, veterans. Many older-generation men had veteran hats with decorative pins that were easy to spot; it was much like Ehren’s apron which sported a marine pin that he also decorates his cups with. What was harder to spot were younger vets as well as families of vets; an unassuming woman watched Ehren throw off-the-hump for a few minutes until we asked if she had any connections to the military which started a whole conversation about uncles and nephews that served without being US citizens.

Ehren’s slide lecture that evening was heart wrenching. Seeing a 6’2” former marine tear up when talking about death, conflict, and his son asking why he used to be a “bad guy” was a reminder that soldiers can be as vulnerable to war as anyone else.

Clay Art Center will have 100 cups to offer the community; that’s just a drop to the 20,000 that Ehren has given away since 2001. On September 15th at 7pm we will open the gallery for you to receive your cup ($15 suggested donation). We hope to see you there.

Adam ChauComment