Thanks for a Magical Summer

Another great summer is in the kiln!

Clay Art Center-29.jpg

For our summer camp kids, this summer was filled with fun and creativity. They got to get their hands dirty, get their aprons messy, and see their creations come to life.

The campers crafted everything from fantastic beasts, fairies and castles, to handmade cups, bowls and plates that their families will treasure forever.

This summer was also a record-breaker! Thanks to all of you who supported our Sponsor A Child Scholarship Fund, we raised an incredible $19,950 and awarded a record 73 camp scholarships. That’s nearly 10 more than we were able to give last year!

Because of your generosity, you helped spark creative expression in our young clay enthusiasts.

As one of our scholarship recipients said, “I loved “free clay” time which is (when) you could do whatever you wanted. I made a piano for mom, pinch-pot turtle for my brother, flower pot dog for dad and a mask for me!”