Summer Camp As Told By Campers

Our nurturing teachers, who specialize in kindling a passion for creative expression in children, know how to make our award winning classes and summer camps special by creating an atmosphere of learning, fun, and friendship! It’s no wonder why kids & parents love our summer camp! 

Clay Art Center offers weekly themed half-day and full-day summer camps that focus on wheel throwing, hand-building and sculpture for kids age 6 – 15. Campers sculpt creations from animals to fantastical beasts and create bowls, mugs, platters, pots and more to be treasured for years to come. 

Here’s what some of our campers have to say:


Scarlett, age six (and a half), is really excited to give the vase she made in Pueblo Pottery to her mom for her birthday. Her favorite part of camp is “making clay stuff.”

Julianna, age ten, has been to other camps at Clay Art Center before, and keeps coming back because she likes to use all the things she makes around her house. 

Evolett, age seven, has been to a lot of camps and CAC events. Her favorite part of coming to camp is making new friends!

“I like that it’s messy. But I also like that I got to work with clay in ways I haven’t before. This was my first wheel-throwing camp. The wheel needs a lot of patience,” says Jeremy, age thirteen. 


Priya, age ten, says that it’s really fun to learn how to use the wheel, but she also likes making stuff with just her hands, and Macy, age eleven, agrees!

Delilah, age eight, is also really excited about all the new friends she’s made. “My teacher is really cool, and camp is fun!”

Rio, age nine, thinks all of CAC’s camp instructors are “so nice, they teach us all sorts of techniques that are cool.” However, her favorite part is the fun she has with her new friends. 

“We laugh and joke while we work,” says Joanna, age eleven. “Sometimes we don’t finish everything, but it’s worth it!”


Sydney, age thirteen, likes that you can “make anything, make friends, and steal all of [her] friends’ ideas.”

Michelle, age ten, says that her favorite part about camp is “making friends and getting messy with clay!” It was her first wheel-throwing camp!

And last but not least, Anabelle, age ten, says that “clay camp is my favorite part of the summer!”


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